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Depakote is an anti-seizure medication intended to treat a variety of seizure causes. Depakote uses also include treating mania in bipolar patients or preventing migraine headaches. Depending on the type of Depakote medication and what disorder is being treated, this specialty drug can cost upwards of $230. While a generic is available, you shouldn't miss out on our Depakote prescription assistance. Claim your free Depakote coupon or discount card and cut your local pharmacy's retail cost by as much as 75%.

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About Depakote

What is Depakote?

Depakote (divalproex) is a stable coordination compound and an anticonvulsant, anti-seizure medication. Its method of action involves altering chemicals and their reaction in the brain, and it is used primarily to treat several types of seizure disorders. It may also be used to treat mania in bipolar patients as well as preventing migraines in patients over a certain age. It is sometimes used in monotherapy, but it can also be used in combinations with other medications (especially when treating seizure).

How do I take Depakote?

Print our Depakote coupon for prescription assistance at your pharmacy. Depending on your age, medical history, and which Depakote uses are being applied, your doctor will determine and possibly change your dose. Always follow your doctor's prescribed instructions, and do not take more or less than your prescribed dose unless instructed to do so by your doctor.

If you're taking standard release or delayed release Depakote, you may take 1 or more pills by mouth per day. Depakote Sprinkle capsules can be taken whole by mouth or opened and the contents sprinkled over a single spoon of soft food (e.g., applesauce); swallow the spoonful whole and do not chew. Depakote ER (extended-release) is usually taken as 1 pill by mouth daily; never crush, break, chew or otherwise crush your extended-release capsules.

Always take your dose with a full glass (8oz) of water and get plenty of fluids throughout the day. Never mix a sprinkled dose with a carbonated beverage.

What if I forget to take a dose of Depakote?

If it is almost time for you to take your next dose, skip the missed dose. Otherwise, you may take your medication as soon as you remember it. Never take a double dose or any extra medication to make up for a missed dose.

What happens if I overdose on Depakote?

Call your local poison control center or emergency medical services. Symptoms may include coma and irregular heartbeat.

Before taking Depakote, tell your doctor if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding or plan to become pregnant or to breastfeed, as this medication can present severe risks to an infant.

  • You have or have a history of liver or pancreatic disorder or disease, as this medication can cause fatal complications.

  • You have a urea cycle disorder.

  • You have any inherited (i.e., genetic) disorders, especially mitochondrial disorders (e.g., Alpers'-Huttenlocher syndrome or Alpers' disease).

  • You have any medical or non-medical allergies, especially to any anticonvulsants.

  • You currently have or have a history of psychiatric or mood disorders, especially with suicidal ideation or action.

  • You have a cytomegalovirus infection.

  • You have HIV/AIDS.

  • You have a family history of infant deaths with unknown causes.

  • You are taking any prescribed or over-the-counter medications, drugs, vitamins, or supplements.

What are the possible side effects of taking Depakote?

Some side effects can be dangerous and require immediate emergency medical assistance. These include: fever, loss of appetite, sores around or inside your mouth, swelling in the face or lips, swelling in the tongue or throat, swollen glands, difficulty breathing, yellowing of the eyes or skin, upper stomach pain, severe upper stomach pain that radiates to your back, ongoing nausea, ongoing vomiting, dark stool.

If you experience any of the following side effects, contact your doctor immediately but do not stop taking your medication until instructed to: new or worsening anxiety, depression, or panic attacks; new or worsening behaviors, agitation, or hostility; mental or physical hyperactivity, restlessness, or trouble sleeping; having suicidal thoughts; confusion or other changes in your mental state; feeling cold or tired; sore throat; pain in your skin or eyes that are followed by a red/purple rash with blistering; tiny (pinpoint) purple or red spots in the skin; unusual bruising or unusual bleeding in the gums, mouth, or nose; worsening or more frequent seizure or migraine.

Common side effects include: mild changes in appetite and/or weight, mild dizziness or problems with walking or balance, tremors, headache, changes in vision including blurred vision, mild nausea, mild stomach pain or vomiting, diarrhea.

How do I store Depakote?

Always store this medication away from heat and moisture (e.g., a bathroom).


Some children and teenagers may become depressed and have suicidal ideations when beginning Depakote. Parents, caregivers, and doctors should be mindful of this or other changes in mood or behavior.

If you become pregnant, talk to your doctor about how to discontinue this medication and begin another seizure medication properly. Be sure to take birth control effectively and use backup birth control if there may be reason to think your birth control will not work effectively (e.g., in combination with certain other medications).

Do not stop taking this medication even if you feel well. Suddenly discontinuing Depakote medication can increase your risk of seizure. Do not drive or operate machinery until you know the effects of this medication. You should have a medical badge, bracelet, or similar noting that you're prescribed this medication at all times.

Immediately call your doctor if you show signs of liver damage (e.g., dark urine, jaundice). You should also immediately call your doctor if you show signs of pancreatic problems (e.g., severe pain radiating from your upper stomach to your back).

Your doctor may want to take frequent blood tests while you're prescribed this medication. Always keep all doctor and lab appointments, or reschedule them as quickly as possible.

Alcohol may worsen some of Depakote's side effects. This medication makes you more sensitive to sunlight and more likely to get a sunburn. Avoid tanning beds or tanning lights and always use SPF 30 or higher sunscreen when going outside.

This Depakote medication page is not comprehensive, so for complete Depakote patient assistance, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Brand Names

The generic form of Depakote is divalproex sodium (sometimes referred to as valporic acid or valporate sodium), but there are a couple of other brands available (Depakene, Stavzor). Because this is a specialty medication, forms of it are quite expensive. We offer Depakote patient assistance in the form of a Depakote coupon or discount card. To get started, click Claim Discount and download or print yours to save as much as 81% on the cost of Depakote at your local pharmacy.


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