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Centrum is a line of multivitamins and minerals that are available over-the-counter at most pharmacies and other locations. The Centrum price starts at about $10 and rises from there, depending on the particular formula, the quantity needed, and the place of purchase. FamilyWize provides a Centrum coupon that can lower the retail cost by as much as 75% when purchasing products from this line. To download a reusable coupon, click the “Claim Discount” on the Centrum page and use it wherever you purchase Centrum products.

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About Centrum

What is Centrum?

Centrum is a family of multivitamins and mineral supplements that are sold in tablet or capsule form. While not specifically a medicine, Centrum products may be used to treat low-level vitamin deficiencies for those who are not receiving sufficient amounts from their diet.

How do I take Centrum?

Centrum products are available as Centrum pills, tablets, chewable gummies, or capsules that are taken orally on a daily basis, with or without food. Take them as directed on the label with plenty or water or other approved liquid. If taken on the recommendation of your doctor, adhere to any diet, exercise, or other directives he or she provides.

What if I forget to take a dose of Centrum?

Try to take a dose of Centrum every day. However, if a dose is missed, take one as soon as you remember and are able. Do not take more than the recommended daily amount.

What happens if I overdose on Centrum?

If an overdose of Centrum is suspected, contact the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. If the individual has collapsed, lost consciousness, or stopped breathing, contact Emergency Services at 911.

Before taking Centrum, tell your doctor if:

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients in Centrum pills, tablets, or products

  • You are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or are nursing a child

  • You are taking any prescription or non-prescription medications, vitamins, or supplements

  • You are taking penicillamine, anticoagulants, levodopa, or acitretin

  • You are taking a bisphosphonate

  • You have anemia

  • You have metabolism or liver problems

  • You are taking a tetracyclic or quinolone antibiotic

What are the possible side effects of taking Centrum?

Some individuals may be allergic to the ingredients in Centrum products. Discontinue use and contact a physician immediately if symptoms of an allergic reaction appear, including swelling of the face, mouth, lips, tongue, or throat; difficulty breathing or swallowing; rash, hives, or severe or persistent itching.

How do I store Centrum?

Keep Centrum pills and other products tightly sealed in their original packaging, out of the reach of children and away from the extremes of temperature and humidity. Dispose of any expired or unused product according to the instructions of a pharmacist.


Do not take this medication if you are allergic to the ingredients in any of the Centrum products. Talk with your doctor if you become pregnant while taking Centrum. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of Centrum.

Brand Names

Centrum is a line of multivitamins and mineral supplements that include products such as Centrum Adult, Centrum Silver, Centrum for Women, Centrum for Men, and more. To help keep the Centrum price affordable for any products in this line, download the reusable Centrum coupon from the FamilyWize website and enjoy savings of up to 75% when presented during purchase at your preferred pharmacy.


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